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Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm Founded


Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm has been founded jointly by Liaoning Tytop Law Firm and Zhejiang Hope-Sun Law Firm in June 2019. The team of Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm is currently composed of all the lawyers from former Zhejiang Hope-Sun Law Firm and Mr. Lin Pengjiu and another two lawyers from Liaoning Tytop Law Firm. Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm will be mainly practicing in admiralty, maritime, insurance and other related legal services. Meanwhile, we welcome lawyers to join us at any time. Zhejiang Hope-Sun Law Firm will apply for deregistration after transfer of personnel to Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm.

The office address of Zhejiang Tytop Law Firm is as follows:

Room 1808, Building A, Pacific Plaza, 555 Jingjia Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, P.R. China 315040.